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If you have any questions regarding The 101 Program or client services please use the 'contact us' link or call:


For an initial phone consultation please request an "intake" form to be emailed to you at "support @"

After filling out the questionnaire (which includes all your questions) and paying the $75.00 consultation fee, please fax the intake forms back to us and we will contact you within 24 hours for a mutually convenient time for you to speak with Ms. Petralli. Should you decide to retain Ms. Petralli for personal assistance while doing the initial Krispy Kleen detox your $75.00 fee will be deducted from your program tuition.

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The 101 Program

Client Services

There are three methods you may use to approach the Krispy Kleen Detox. You may enlist the assistance of AAAA which includes all testing, evaluations, consultations and a personalized nutriceutical protocol developed based on your tests to address your specific health requirements for healing and curing your addiction by electing to purchase The 101 Program Comprehensive Services package. You may do it "As Is", which is simply the program minus the services of AAAA, or you may select only the services from The 101 Program Comprehensive Services package you elect to include in your program.

The 101 Program Comprehensive Services Package

To order follow the link below or call (831) 440-8686

The 101 Program

Should you choose to enlist our complete services and purchase The 101 Program Comprehensive Services package, AAAA will send out your Functional Liver Detoxification Profile (FLDP) and Adrenal Fatigue test collection kits, and your Krispy Kleen Detox formula supplement package. AAAA will also locate a lab near you and arrange for you to have the blood draw done for the Complete Wellness - CBC blood tests. You will be emailed intake forms that will inquire about your drinking habit, symptoms, present health, health history, family health, and after completing them and emailing them back, AAAA will schedule an initial phone consultation. The result of the initial phone consultation is a personalized "roadmap" similar to The 101 Program Roadmap to Recovery, however, yours will be personalized with specific instructions for moving forward referencing any personal health issues or lifestyle requirements.

At that time you will determine a start date which is when you will begin the 101 Prep Week. During the third week of the program, after your Complete Wellness and FLDP results are in, you will be contacted for your second consultation. You will also receive two written reports exposing the results of your Complete Wellness and FLDP tests. The reports will also explain the impact of the results on your health and if necessary, some modification to your plan and/or detox regiment may be implemented to address test values that would benefit from modification immediately instead of waiting until the test results are ultimately used to design your personalized nutritional protocol for The Ark module.

At the end of the Krispy Kleen Detox, after the Snow White fast, you will discontinue all supplements and reintroduce organic, lean meats, fish and dairy back into your diet (if you choose). On the 7th day, you will take the Brain Chemistry Amino Acid assay, EPA/AA EFA ratios, and Adrenal Fatigue (cortisol) tests which AAAA will have arranged for you. Then you will go back to your Krispy Kleen Supplements for approximately two weeks until your test results have been received and AAAA has evaluated all five tests, and prepared your personalized nutriceutical protocol for The Ark module addressing all information about your brain, liver, cardio-vascular, and endocrine health revealed in your test results. You will also receive at this time separate reports for each of the tests taken after the detox exposing the results with explanations as to how your health is impacted by the information they provide. Your custom designed nutriceutical protocol will address all deficiencies and conditions found in these results, in addition to focusing specifically on healing addictive biochemistry and curing alcohol addition. At this time, AAAA will contact you for your third consultation to go over the results after you have had an opportunity to review them.

Additional phone consultations may be scheduled on an as needed basis for those who wish to obtain a deeper understanding of the science and methods of The 101 Program in order to apply them more diligently and integrate them into your new lifestyle.

Services offered in The 101 Program Comprehensive Services package:

  • Initial phone consultation
  • Complete Krispy Kleen Detox Formula Package
  • FLDP test (urine and saliva done at home)
  • Complete Wellness - CBC blood test
  • 2nd Phone consultation to translate your Complete Wellness - CBC and FLDP test results
  • Brain Chemistry Amino Acid Assay
  • EPA/AA Essential Fatty Acid ratios test
  • Adrenal Fatigue test (urine and saliva done at home)
  • 3rd phone consultation to translate your Amino Acid, EPA/AA, and Adrenal Fatigue test results. Full disclosure regarding the test results and their impact on your health is given
  • Personalized Nutriceutical Protocol for the 10 to 18 month The Ark module. Information provided by all the tests included in the comprehensive package are used to develop your personalized nutriceutical protocol. Health history, addictive biochemistry, damage from long-term alcohol toxicity, and other lifestyle factors are referenced to develop this extremely accurate, sophisticated nutriceutical protocol that will ultimately bring you not only to the cure for your addiction to alcohol, but to a state of enhanced health and peace of mind
  • CD of the lecture: The Biochemistry of Alcohol Addiction & How to Correct It.

To order The 101 Program Comprehensive Services package follow the link below or call (831) 440-8686

The 101 Program

If you choose to utilize the services of the The 101 Program Comprehensive Services package, you will follow the timeline and instructions provided in the standard The 101 Program Roadmap to Recovery unless it is modified during your initial phone consultation to address any personal health / lifestyle requirements.

The 101 As Is Method

Another option is the 101 As Is method. You will follow the 101 Program Roadmap to Recovery, only you will omit the services of The 101 Program Comprehensive Services package.

Approximately a week before you begin the 7-day Prep Week of the Krispy Kleen Detox you will have to purchase your Krispy Kleen Detox Formula supplements. If you are purchasing your supplement package from AAAA, you may order it at Delivery typically takes 2 to 4 days within the U.S. International orders vary depending on location. The list of supplements and the dosage charts for all the formulas are in the Appendix. You may refer to that chart if you prefer to purchase the supplements at your nearby health food store.

Custom Services Package

This option allows you to choose only the services offered in The 101 Program Comprehensive Services package that you wish to use. Please contact AAAA at to speak to a Program Coach that can help you design your Custom Services Package.

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